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Hey There!

My Mission... is to help people align with their God-given soul purpose while building fulfilling and meaningful relationships with the people in their life.

Creating successful relationships is essential to having a fulfilling life and I believe it starts with the quality of the relationship you have with yourself and with God. All other relationships are but a reflection of that. 

Seeing yourself and others through the loving eyes of our creator gives you a powerful perspective that will enrich every relationship you have, with others, yourself, and God. 

More About Me

I am origionally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and currently living in Newport Beach, California. I am a proud mother of two beautiful and amazing daughters, and ecstatic to be a grandma of three amazing munchkinds! 


Through my work, I've developed a unique approach that combines the power of Numerology (Birthdate & Name), NLP (Neuro-Linguisic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Hypnotherapy, and Catalystic-style Coaching to help my clients tap into their inner strengths and smash through the obstacles that are standing in their way.

What sets me apart from other coaches is my 20 plus years of studying, researching, and applying numerology to other methods of coaching styles. I am highly intuative and can easily sense the deeper inner opporating system. This has made me an effective and inspiring transformational coach.


As a Christian I turn to the Biblical Scripture for wisdom and confirmation as I guide others to their greater self.

I've told you about me and now I want to know about YOU!


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