I Am Passionate About Inspiring Others, It Is My Purpose.

I am passionate about Inspiring Greatness in others. My mission is to help heal the mind, body, and soul; to heal relationships and negative internal patterns that lead to unpleasant life experiences. 

There is so much more to every single one of us than we could ever imagine! We are always becoming and forever evolving into more of who God created us to be. We should be naturally and consistently growing into a better version of ourselves.  


What can go wrong??

As we all can see, there is so much disharmony in our culture today that is unfortunately way too common within our own closet relationships - You know, loved ones, our spouses and even our children. We are certainly not taught in school and often times our 'well-intentioned' parents, communication styles, personality types, love languages, much less how to navigate through conflict and resolve it. 

As a relationship coach, I can see beautiful souls who love each other, and just don't always have the clarity or tools to navigate through various differences effectively, but this is where I can help. 

Being a Christian Numerologist I utilize Kingdom Mentality, Biblical Scripture, and Numerology to identify your unique relationship dynamic and give you the tools to communicate effectively, to create a wonderful life with your loved ones. 

I still remember the first time I applied this concept to my own life and relationships. I was already familiar with Biblical scripture, as it was passion and experience since I was a child. When I discovered the art of Numerology, how it is used throughout scripture, and how it applied to every relationship in my life, my whole world changed. I understood why some relationships did not work out, and had the tools to be a more effective single mother! 

I applied this knowledge at work, where I was doing collections, and it made me so effective that I literally made friends with so many of the people I was collecting from! I understood them, and they paid their bill. I have been invited to a wedding, family celebrations, business endeavors, dinners, and life long friends. I know, it sounds strange, but by understanding their root, through numerology, I was able to speak their language and create a win/win!


Although it can be difficult to change, it definitely is not impossible! Working with a professional can help you Easily and Effortlessly change any negative patterns that are not setting you up to win! I want to inspire you to have phenomenal results in your life, personally, with family, and with business. 


There are amazing techniques and coaching styles that can literally transform your life. Along with new breakthroughs in health and nutrition, there is no reason for anyone to be stuck with mental, emotional, or physical pain!  

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

  • Timeline Techniques Certified 

  • Christian Numerologist & Relationship Coach 

  • Experiential and Transformational Coach.

  • Avid Student of New and Advanced Methods and Techniques in Psychology, Therapy, & Quantum Healing Codes.