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Essential Services

Understanding the dynamics of Numerology and how they relate to your life is essential. It is literally LIFE CHANGING. Everything is Numerically related, we cannot interpret life without numbers. To understand the fundamentals of Numerology is to completely understand the dynamics of your relationships, all of them. It is a little technical, but very simple.  

Each reading I do is based on the science of Biblical and Modern Numerology, with over 20 years experience, my intuitive gifts give me the ability to create a significant transformation for my clients, while providing priceless insight. 

I seek to serve through transformation, not just information. It is my purpose and intention to give my clients the tools they need to create a life of greater quality and deep connection within their relationships. 

Personal Numerology Blueprint

A Personal Numerology Reading includes a detailed breakdown of you Life Path, which is the most important revelation about you. It also describes more profound revelations such as you Destiny, Heart's Desire, Year Cycle, Attitude, Expression, Intensity, Personality, and brief breakdown of other's in your life. 

Relationship & Family Blueprint

This is a very special reading because it includes you and your partner plus the Life Path details of your parents and other family members you may want clarity on. Understand where they are/were coming from and ways to grow your relationships and heal past errors. 

Learn Numerology for Sales & Business

$8,888 / 8-week program

This is a powerful program that will change the course of how you do sales or any type of business. This is Life Changing and will give you a powerful advantage over your competition. This 8-week program is followed with six-month coaching to master the skill. 

Relationship Blueprint for Couples

With all the benefits of a Personal Numerology Reading, you will also get for your partner, as well as a deep dive into your relationship. How to communicate effectively, understand your unique qualities, squash miscommunications, and develop a plan to grow the relationship to a more quality experience for both of you. 

Parent/ Child Blueprint & Coaching

This is a very important reading. Understanding our children and communicating with them is what shapes their future. Most parents really miss the mark in understanding the unique and God given difference within their family unit. Don't miss this life changing opportunity. 

Group Coaching Programs for Life Alignment and Relationship Building.

This is added onto any Numerology Reading and offered as a three, six, or twelve month coaching program to support you with any transformation and results you desire.  Schedule a consultation call so we can determine the best program that will meet your needs. 

What My Clients Say

Screenshot 2023-05-11 234158_edited.jpg

Jc Ynzunza, Holistic Healer & Hypnotherapist

It was truly life-changing… She helped me understand why I have certain tendencies and how I can use these traits to my advantage... I was amazed at how accurate the reading was…. She also helped me understand my partners number and our relationship together. truly valuable...Davette provided me with actionable steps that I can take to improve my life based on my life path number... She is incredibly talented. I left the reading feeling inspired, motivated, and empowered to take action towards my goals and relationships.  I would highly recommend Davette Wheat to anyone looking for guidance and clarity in their life. Thank you for an amazing experience! With love from Hawaii.
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