What Are Sync Numbers??


I get asked this all the time: "Davette, I always see 111, 222, 555, and so on ... what does it mean?"


Traditional Numerologists call this sequence of numbers “Angel Numbers”. They believe angels are trying to talk to you by sending you messages via numbers.


I have never really aligned with that.


Of course, I believe in Angles, but I just don’t believe they communicate via numbers.


However, I do believe there are vibrational codes being sent regularly that are received subconsciously, similar to a computer receiving a code or download, and are definitely meant for direction.


The subconscious mind is extremely impressionable and symbolic, just think about how strange our dreams are!


So, when our Conscious mind takes notice of something odd it tries to make logical sense of it and wants to know what it means.


Ain’t nothing wrong with that!


I know, I know, I absolutely have a different perspective on numbers that are unlike "traditional Numerologists", yet aligned.


Think about it, the Bible uses Numbers and Numerology throughout scripture, starting from Day-1 when He created the heavens and the Earth. (Genisis 1:1…)


There is even a book called Numbers!


After studying Numerology for over 20 years, I coined the term "SYNC NUMBERS" to describe the vibrational codes you are receiving as guidance.


This is my version of  "Angel Numbers" that I call Sync Numbers.


Whenever you notice a sequence of numbers, ask yourself, "In what way is this relevant in my life?"


If it fits, Great! If it doesn’t, move on.


By the way, I have woken up 3 nights in a row, at 3:33 am, so I decided to write this.


Tell me… what sequence of numbers do YOU often see?