Part 1: The Discovery


  This is a 1- Weekend with a 30-Day Discovery Coaching program designed to create a deeper and more intimate relationship with yourself, your Life Purpose, God-given gifts, and talents. This is a Powerful Journey into the root of YOU!


Part 2: The Breakthrough

Breakthrough Program.PNG

This is a 1-Weekend with a 30-Day Breakthrough Coaching Program designed to work take all the deep revelations created in The Discovery Program create massive breakthroughs in your life, in ways of Being, Doing, and Having whatever you want in your life.

Part 3: The Legacy


This is a 1-Weekend with a 30-Day Coaching Program about contributions and being in service. We will work on methods of Inspiring, Empowering, Enrolling, Mission, and Movement to make a significant impact in this world to create a better future for our children and our children's children.

Part 4: The Certification


This is a 6-Month Coaching Program Designed to create a positive impact in the world, your community, and your family. This is the journey to becoming a Certified Coach using The Davette Method. Following the same building, model to deliver The Davette Method in your own Coaching Business.