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Numerology is not mysterious or spiritual. It is the scientific

study of numbers and their vibrational language. They are

consistent in how they express their meanings. Do you know

what they describe about you?

There are many things that make up your numerology blueprint, such as your birthdate and the name you were given. As these two are analyzed and dissected there is even more hidden traits to discover, however, the day you were born and the name you were given at birth tell the most about you. Would you like to discover what it says about you?

Many people as me how I can be a Christian and also practice numerology. It is simple! The Bible uses numerology throughout the Bible for specific reasons. Learning numerology has helped me understand their meanings through the Bible as well. Numerology shows a design, by The Designer. Everything is in perfect order. 

Numerology gives such profound and accurate insight into a the internal blueprint of a person's energy. By understanding numerology you can create a powerful dynamic in your family, business or any type of team. To understand one another is power!