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Understanding the dynamics of Numerology and how they relate to your life is essential. It is literally LIFE CHANGING. Everything is Numerically related, we cannot interpret life without numbers. To understand the fundamentals of Numerology is to completely understand the dynamics of your relationships, all of them. It is a little technical but very simple.  

Each reading I do is based on the science of Biblical and Modern Numerology, with over 20 years experience, my intuitive gifts give me the ability to create a significant transformation for my clients, while providing priceless insight. 

I seek to serve through transformation, not just information. It is my purpose and intention to give my clients the tools they need to create a life of greater quality and deep connection within their relationships. 

Schedule a personal call Now to discuss the details of desired services. 



Unlock the Power of Your Life and Relationships with "Evolved Fundamentals," an intensive 8-week program designed to elevate your personal journey. If you're ready to experience profound transformations in your life and relationships, this program is your gateway to success. Experience new heights and inspiring levels of your life. 



This exclusive 3-month coaching program is the perfect follow-up to "Evolved Fundamentals." It's your opportunity to put into practice all the valuable insights you've gained and receive expert guidance as you integrate these learnings into your daily life and relationships. Embrace the chance to make logical, meaningful changes that lead to new experiences in life.




Unlock the secrets of influence and personal growth with "Master Numerology," our dynamic 5-week program. Dive deep into the science, philosophy, psychology, and biblical insights of numerology, and discover how to apply them to supercharge your everyday life, success, and relationships. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to transform your life.

Professional Group Coaching


Experience the transformative power of Professional Group Coaching, thoughtfully designed for individuals striving for excellence in their professional and personal spheres. Our program is specifically tailored to address the unique needs of your group, ensuring that you receive personalized guidance to break through personal limitations, amplify your influential abilities, and cultivate robust social connections. Leaders, take hold of this extraordinary opportunity to elevate not only your individual success but also the unity and achievements of your team.

Personal Numerology Blueprint


Experience the transformative power of a Personal Numerology Reading. Dive deep into the essence of who you are with an in-depth exploration of your Life Path, the most crucial aspect of your being. Uncover a treasure trove of insights, including revelations about your Destiny, Heart's Desire, Year Cycle, Attitude, Expression, Intensity, Personality, and even a glimpse into the people around you. Your journey to self-discovery begins here, with a reading that reveals the essence of your unique existence. Embrace the magic of Numerology today!

Couples Relationship Blueprint


This special offer includes not just insights for you but also for your partner, allowing you both to embark on a profound exploration of your connection. Discover the art of effective communication, gain a deep understanding of your distinctive qualities, eliminate miscommunications, and craft a roadmap for nurturing a higher quality, fulfilling relationship that caters to both of you. Start your journey to a more harmonious and satisfying partnership today!

What My Clients Say

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Jc Ynzunza, Holistic Healer & Hypnotherapist

It was truly life-changing… She helped me understand why I have certain tendencies and how I can use these traits to my advantage... I was amazed at how accurate the reading was…. She also helped me understand my partners number and our relationship together. truly valuable...Davette provided me with actionable steps that I can take to improve my life based on my life path number... She is incredibly talented. I left the reading feeling inspired, motivated, and empowered to take action towards my goals and relationships.  I would highly recommend Davette Wheat to anyone looking for guidance and clarity in their life. Thank you for an amazing experience! With love from Hawaii.
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